Rental Options

Rental Options

Bring the Beauty of Boxwood 
to Your Wedding!

Boxwood backdrop
- 4 flower design options
-Word or monogram attachment
- 3 lighting options

3' high Boxwood Pillars
Add that exquisite look to your aisle, around your venue 
or any area that needs embellishment.
Sets of 2
- 3 flower design options
- 2 lighting options
$150 per set

6' wide Boxwood Base

- Choice of "Love" in script or Personal Monogram
- Choice of with or without lighting
- total height of 2.5' 

Vintage Accessories

Double door Entrance or Backdrop
-choice of flowers/garland

5' Ladders
White washed wood
$15 each

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to reserve yours today!

Prices include set up of your rentals.
Taxes and travel will be applied.